Our Services

Below you will find general information about the services we offer. If you find you have questions or would like to talk with us about beginning therapy, contact us. We would be happy to start a conversation.


Our therapists provide psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. In order to improve quality of life, we work with you to identify goals, develop coping skills, decrease distress, and create change.

Our providers’ expertise include:

  • Mood disorders

  • Anxiety-related disorders

  • Interpersonal difficulties and relationship issues

  • Overachievement/Underachievement

  • Trauma

  • Life transitions

  • Developmental issues/Identity development

  • Grief and loss

  • Loneliness/Isolation

  • Adjustment related issues

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender transition

  • BDSM/ Kink

  • Alternative relationship constellations

  • Sex work

  • Microagressive trauma

  • Substance abuse

  • Disordered eating

  • Body positivity

We work to help couples in all types of intimate relationships to strengthen their partnership and gain a better understanding of one another. Couples counseling helps couples improve communication skills, learn to recognize and resolve conflicts, and maintain a supportive, loving relationship.

Some common issues that couples seek counseling for include:

  • Communication problems

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Conflicts about child rearing or blended families

  • Substance abuse

  • Anger

  • Infidelity

  • BDSM/Kink

  • Alternative relationship constellations

*Please note: We do not bill insurance for couples sessions.


There are no dynamics more complex than those within a family. Family therapy is designed to support your family in creating and maintaining healthy, strong relationships.  Often, families can be stuck in patterns of miscommunication, misunderstandings, or resentment.  Family therapy provides a safe and respectful environment to examine familial challenges and to find solutions. 

Any disruption to the family dynamic can be difficult for a family. Some common reasons families seek therapy include:

  • Conflict

  • Substance abuse

  • Miscommunication

  • Behavioral problems in children

  • Conditions such as depression, eating disorders, and/or anxiety

  • Sexual abuse

  • Grief and loss


We offer the following types of psychological assessment:

  • School Readiness

  • Cognitive

  • ADHD

  • Mental Health Evaluations

  • Personality Testing

We provide comprehensive psychological and cognitive testing to better understand issues from a holistic lens. Teens and adults often find themselves struggling with school, occupational, or family life tasks. At times, this may be related to an undiagnosed underlying issue. Identifying challenges, as well as focusing on one’s strengths and support systems, allows individuals to move past these organizational and motivational issues.


As we take part in the global effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, we are committed to ensuring that you are still supported in the ways you deserve. We are excited to offer online therapy using a HIPAA compliant, secure telehealth software through SimplePractice!


In our ever-changing world, online therapy creates more flexibility, safety, and efficiency for clients. Online therapy has proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy and has the added benefit of being accessible anywhere you are.  


Trainings & Workshops

Seattle Counseling and Wellness values connecting with the community. We understand the importance of contributing to the health and wellness of community members through speaking engagements and community involvement. Our clinicians bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the community support and psychoeducation we provide.

Presentation topics include:

Sexual Assault Awareness, Eating Concerns, Food and Body Related Issues, Setting Boundaries, How To Seek Out and Utilize Mental Health Services, Coping Skills For Stress and Anxiety, Asking For Help, Trauma and Microagressive Trauma, Variant Sexualities and Variant Relationship Constellations. 

We work with educators, clinicians and administrators in the following areas:

Creating LGBTQ+ Affirming Environments 

Creating Safe Environments For Trauma survivors

Working Effectively With Individuals Through The Gender Affirmation/Transition Process

How To Identify and Avoid Microaggressions When Working With Diverse Populations