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Trainings & Workshops

Seattle Counseling and Wellness values connecting with the community. We understand the importance of contributing to the health and wellness of community members through speaking engagements and community involvement. Our clinicians bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the community support and psychoeducation we provide.

Presentation topics include:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Setting Boundaries

  • How To Seek Out and Utilize Mental Health Services

  • Coping Skills For Stress and Anxiety

  • Asking For Help

  • Trauma and Microagressive Trauma

  • Variant Sexualities

  • Variant Relationship Constellations

We work with educators, clinicians and administrators in the following areas:

  • Creating LGBTQ+ Affirming Environments

  • Creating Safe Environments For Trauma Survivors

  • Working Effectively With Individuals Through The Gender Affirmation/Transition Process

  • How To Identify and Avoid Microaggressions When Working With Diverse Populations

  • Working With School Administrators & Teachers Around Trauma-Informed Approaches & Other Mental Health Issues Commonly Seen in School-Aged Children

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